Think, Feel, Move with Brilliance

Lifestyle Business Consulting to Help You Reveal Your True Brilliance

Build a Plan of Potentiality

Intentional Action Steps to Create an Ideal Lifestyle & Abundant Future

Be Confident

See a Clear Picture of Future Goals & Believe in Yourself

Lifestyle Business Consulting Services

Brilliance 360 helps business owners, teams and individuals to Think~Feel~Move with Brilliance. Brilliance 360 offers a variety of lifestyle business consulting services including personal consulting, educational and fundamental goal setting workshops, focus groups, roundtables or mastermind facilitation. Brilliance 360 can help you with goal setting, prioritization, and action planning to obtain excellence in business success while creating a fulfilling lifestyle of joy and abundance. Brilliance 360’s Body Brilliance offers dance instruction, movement workshops, body mechanics seminars, and Dancesport Coaching.

Building Team Performance

To help achieve objectives and create a plan of action, Brilliance 360 offers Beyond the Books Business Planning and Team Vision Programs. Brilliance 360 provides mission-oriented consulting for business owners and teams to help improve vision clarity, accountability, task coordination, and strategic planning.

Life Plan Design & Strategy

To create your life plan and strategy Brilliance 360 provides consulting to entrepreneurs and individuals on determining core values, business creation and growth, decision making, the importance of financial goals, confidence training, dynamic presentation and effective communication.

Body Brilliance

To enhance one’s life through movement and music, Brilliance 360 encourages success in performance through Ballroom and Latin dance instruction, improvement of posture and balance, training on body mechanics and dynamic movement, and Dancesport Coaching.

Think~Feel~Move with Brilliance Benefits

Goal Setting & Fulfillment

Understand the process of prioritizing life goals and business goals. Transform your dreams into a plan of potentiality.

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind knowing the actionable steps put into place today will create a comfortable tomorrow & successful future.


Gain tools to build confidence; the ability to know, feel and understand talents, qualities and self-worth.

Strategic Decision Making

Make the best decisions for your future, aligned with your values and financials.


Feel daily enthusiasm in living an abundant lifestyle filled with positive energy and endless possibilities.

Client Examples

Brilliance 360 coaches businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs and individuals. Our consulting services are tailored to your specific needs.

Business Owners

"My employees feel like family to me, how can I provide them financial stability and a secure future?"
Brilliance 360 will help you design and administer a six-week Goal Setting & Mindful Money education course.
"How can I clearly express my vision and encourage my team to support the direction of my business?"
Brilliance 360 will guide the structure and facilitation of collaborative meetings. An initial meeting presents the mission, vision, and how growth benefits employees. Additional meetings serve as an open discussion for team members or employees to voice how they can best utilize their skills and talents to help the growth of the business.


“Am I earning enough money?”
Brilliance 360 asks questions and obtains details for a current financial snapshot. Your goals are prioritized, and a plan is designed to show optimal profits with defined action steps to support an ideal lifestyle, successful trajectory, and financially secure future.
"I feel too busy, are my efforts placed in the right direction?"
Brilliance 360 looks at your current approach, what fills your calendar and discusses key priorities and values. A plan is built with intentional, organized action steps, channeling efforts towards improved success to support essential goals and desires for an ideal lifestyle.


“How can I improve my physical well-being along with my business success?”
Brilliance 360 provides instruction with education focusing on using the right muscles for proper posture, moving with coordination and grace, demonstrating confidence, and developing poise to express your abilities and professional character.
“How can I enhance my life with an activity that supports physical health?”
Brilliance 360 provides instruction in Ballroom and Latin dance which includes developing the ability to coordinate movement to music through a variety of dance steps, training on mind-to-body connection and utilizing all your muscles to maintain flexibility and tone.

Meet Suzana Gossett

With extensive resources and experiences as an athlete, coach, business owner, and financial professional, Suzana Gossett helps her clients embrace the very best of themselves. Suzana provides an action plan to obtain excellence in business success and helps create a fulfilling lifestyle of joy and abundance.

Following high school graduation, Suzana Gossett became a professional ballroom dance instructor. Soon following, she opened her own independent Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio. For 10 years, Suzana was a professional competitor and a successful business owner. Suzana later sold her studio and became a Freelance Coach specializing in Dancesport training, choreography and studio management consulting.

After six years of freelancing and traveling across the United States, Suzana was recruited into a  financial services firm. She accepted the opportunity and became an accredited financial adviser. Suzana built her expertise over the course of 10 years, while she continued as a Dancesport Coach.

While advancing her financial business, Suzana recognized her ability to develop a deep understanding of how individuals feel about themselves and their financial success in the realm of confidence and productivity. Suzana founded Brilliance 360 to guide individuals to discover their true Brilliance and live an amazing life.

Through Brilliance 360, Suzana can focus on consulting and planning – the two aspects that she finds most effective and life-changing for her clients. Suzana’s unique background enables her to bring a wide range of perspectives and expertise to maximize the experience and success of her client. Her mission is to reveal the Brilliance of each individual by asking the right questions and applying the aligned action steps so excellence is realized, leading to success and abundance.

Think~Feel~Move with Brilliance  Process



Ask the appropriate and critical questions to identify the need for change or improvement. Determine and discuss goals to prioritize, as well as core values to be incorporated.


Identify what is at the heart of intentions and recognize the responsibilities & aspirations that drive enthusiasm and motivation. Embrace and encompass these emotions to fulfill true passion.


Build the right plan of action with time and money measurements for prioritizing dreams and goals, including core values to make critical decisions, and keeping the drivers identified to fuel the passion.

Collaborative Businesses

James Hamer

Hamer Planning Group

Sandra Hoeft
Mary Kay Independent Sales Director

Kamal Irani
Stat Transcription-Accurate On-time Reports

Green Homeowners United

Wisconsin Music Ventures

Ginger Evenson
FastSigns Wauwatosa


“When it comes to coaching and business planning, there are loads of people that “talk a good game”, but Suzana makes it happen. She has coached me, challenged me and given me the confidence to start my own business- something I never thought I would do. Her highly interactive discussions, planning expertise and insightful questions have helped me develop a clear path for my personal and professional growth and fulfillment.”
Laura Barnes

Live Events Manager, Advantage Technologies, Inc.

“Suzana’s leadership at our Women’s Leadership Roundtable is a model worth replicating. Suzana always orchestrates a well-run meeting. She encourages interaction and is masterful at asking thought-provoking questions while being an engaged listener for the responses given. She nurtures deep discussions, participation by everyone in the circle and fosters community and respectful relationships that benefit all in attendance. I have also been impressed by her follow-up after these gatherings which adds a personal touch to one’s participation.”
Mary Irish

Director of Community Relations, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church & School

“Suzana Gossett has been the ideal coach for me to work with. She is direct yet patient, and extremely savvy. She is a hard worker, very thoughtful, and well researched in all she does – I highly recommend Suzana to any potential new client!”
Allison M. Schweitzer

Business Owner, Wisconsin Music Ventures

“Suzana is a passionate, kind person who cares about her community and is always striving to help lift others up. I had the pleasure to be part of the Women’s Leadership Roundtable with Suzana as our facilitator. Suzana is always prepared and calm with a good sense of humor. She is also a strong advocate for local businesses, particularly women-owned businesses.”
Sadie Tuescher

Business Owner, Wisconsin Health Insurance Advocate, LLC


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